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We are a BRED with HEART Breeder since we have completed all genetic testing on our dogs!

This is re-newed yearly

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We have been approved as a Good "Responsible" Breeder with Good Dog 12/2019!

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I have been involved in dog breeding since I was very young and I Love our switch  to the Portuguese Water Dog line.  I have switched to this breed because I find their energy and loyalty very exhilarating.  Our dogs are not kennel dogs, they are raised in a healthy, home environment and are kept busy with activities like going to the dog park, swimming, and playing fetch is a favorite.  We attend dog classes and our King Jack is now certified CGC!  They are an active breed and don't do the best just kept in a kennel.  They need fun things to do! 


Happy, Healthy Bloodline

These dogs have all of their genetic testing done and it will filed with the OFA along with thier hip results before they are bred:  JDCM, GM1, PRA, Furnishings test, Brucillosis testing and also the Penn Hip in addition to the OFA hip xrays.  The females are never bred before the age of 2.  


A Furever Friend

Portuguese Water Dogs are very loyal to their family.  They do make great therapy dogs. They are a very smart breed and need something to occupy their time.  they require (and will demand) your time and attention when you are home with them because they LOVE you!  They are great snugglers and love belly rubs and need to have their hair cut and combed.  They have a natural desire to swim and love the water so it would be best if you have a fenced yard and can get them a kiddy pool.  Also expect to take them swimming somewhere from time to time.  This is a great activity for the kids because these animals will swim and swim all day long if you let them because they were actually bred as a working dog (from Portugal) that swam to retrieve nets for the fishing boats and would also swim messages between boats.  Their natural love for the water is why I love them even more!

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